Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winnie the Pooh: Vintage Pattern McCall's 8087 ヴィンテージ型紙

One of my vintage sewing pattern collections! It's very old.... Printed in1966? Tigger must have got a cosmetic surgery by now. Today's Tigger looks very different but I prefer this guy to the new face. My niece asked me to make each one for her birthday present every year so I have made Pooh and Tigger so far. This year, I have to sew Eeyore. When it's done, I'll upload him on this blog. I uploaded!




Link to what I made with this pattern


I made Tigger! Here you go! Tiggerティガーはこちらです


I made Piglet! Pigletピグレットはこちらです


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