Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Organize Threads and Bobbins on Budget ミシン糸とボビンのこんがらがらない整理収納方法 100円

I had been overwhelmed by increasing stock of threads and bobbins and annoyed by the fact that the bobbin threads coming out all the times getting entangled with others! To make matters worse, it was time consuming to find matched thread and bobbin!!! Well, the best solution is to keep the thread and matched bobbin together. Then how?

増え続けるミシン糸とボビンどうしていますか? ボビンの糸が絡まらず、ミシン糸とマッチしたボビンを探すのが簡単な方法はこれです。市販のケースは忘れましょう。買ったけど、ボビンしか入れられず使いにくかった。ミシン糸にボビンをくっつけるボビンキャッチャーも売ってるけど、ボビンの糸はほどけるし、糸が増えてくると買い足すのもコスト高。100円ショップで十分です~。

You need:

  • Elastic hair scrunchy (band) covered by pile. I bought 15 of them in a package at 100 yen (a dollar shop).
  • Pipe cleaners

  • リングヘアバンド(100円ショップで15個入り100円でした)
  • モール
Wrap the bobbin by the hair band twice.


Put a pipe cleaner into the hole of the thread and the bobbin and twist it twice on the top.

That's it! Put them in a box. It's easy to find the needed color and no need to look for the matched bobbin.










  1. Love your scrunchy-over-bobbin idea! It's such a simple but fantastic way to organize away my bobbin mess nightmare. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the comment! I am glad that you liked the idea. Two years ago when I bought a sewing machine, I never thought I would get so many threads. Each fabric needs the matched color thread.... Gee...
    Thanks and come back again!