Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free coloring pages or embroidery patterns in Japan : Ukiyo-e Hokusai Coloring Page: From Japan with Love

To English Readers:

I will explain how to get this from a wonderful free coloring books or pages.

Probably the most famous Ukio-e in the world is this Mt.Fuji by Hokusai. Want to do coloring on your own or start some unique embroidery projects? From the site, you can click and download the following page.

There are more than 100 free Ukiyo-e and other unusual coloring pages.

The site is here. You'll find the following Japanese page but don't worry. I will explain them.

The top page looks like above.


I translated the category tubs. If you want to get Hokusai's famous Fuji, choose Ukiyo-e, the second one.
Thanks to the web page owner, you can get anything you want! Click and download the coloring page to print out.



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