Monday, June 25, 2012

About me

Thank you for visiting my new blog from all over the world, USA, UAE, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Australia, Russia and of course my country, Japan!


I have started my blog on June 2nd, just three weeks ago. I never thought my blog was accessed by so many poeple. Thank you!


To tell you the truth, I even couldn't fix a button and always payed a dry cleaner to sew... until 2 years ago.


It seems as if suddenly my mother's DNA awoke inside of me. She must be laughing in the heaven.


I was born and raised in Tokyo. I was only interested in working hard in the business world. I changed my life and now I am enjoying creating things. I hope other people will find the truth that sewing and handmaking make the life brighter and worthy.


I am learning tools to make this blog day by day. Since I am using iPad, I could not upload my photo into About Me. Above photo is me, Maina.... Sorry it's just a silhouette, I'm a bit shy.







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  1. Hi Maina,
    I am interested in finding a real sewing cafe in Japan, maybe in Tokyo or Sapporo. Do you know whether there is such a place where people can go to use sewing machines and there are teachers to help?
    Thank you,