Saturday, June 23, 2012

動物コスチュームのしっぽをピンとさせる方法100円: How To Retain Animal Tail Shape w/o Wire, Tutorial




My niece insisted me to put a long tail to Curious George even though I told her that he didn't have a tail after I checked the books... Well, I didn't want to use a wire wrapped by a cotton batting because I suspected that it would be cumbersome to pull that into the narrow tail and also worried about the wire would come out.


針金だと、 筒状になった長いしっぽに綿を巻いて入れ込むのがえらく大変に違いない…。と、近所の100円ショップへ。おお、これだ!と閃いたのが、電気製品のコードをまとめるスパイラルコード。筒状のしっぽに入れるのも簡単。針金ほどピンとしないだろうけど、一旦上に立ち上がった形はキープしたままクネクネ動かせるので、姪はお気に入り。それに針金じゃないから危なくない。

せっかく作るなら、頭を別に作って、コットンの起毛しているニットで作ればあとでパジャマにできます。後ろがダブダブだったので、平ゴムの両端に安全ピンをつけて、裏からウエストを留めてシャーリングさせるという苦肉の策。しっぽは後から手で縫い付けたので 取り外し簡単。スパイラルコードはこういう形状です。

Then I went into a dollar shop nearby, looking for something else. Instead of a wire, I used a spiral tube and it was easier and kept the tail shape as shown on the photos. She could move the tail around. The spiral tube is this. It's mainly used for organizing multiple electric cords. I sewed it by hand so that after the halloween or school play or whatever, I could remove it easily and the costume can be used as pajama.


Again, I played Martha's free iPad App for my photos today.


To see the front picture of Curious George, click this. ひとまねこざるの表側はこちらからどうぞ


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