Friday, June 22, 2012

I used Martha Stewart's Free iPad App (free until July 8th!) マーサ・スチュアートのスクラップブッキングができる無料アプリ使ってみました。

I was going to post my recent handmade linen scarf and then found out yesterday that they just released iPad App for free until July 8th. By this, I was so excited and downloaded the App. It was fun and easy to make cards and photo embellishments. Here is the page to get more info.

To be honest, I do not like to make any solicits for the purpose of making money and my blog does not advertise any particular shop or company. I trust my judgmental ability and the only things I experienced or liked are shown in this blog. However, I have to admit that Martha Stewart gave me a lot of inspiration since middle of 1980s when she published cooking books. You might want to know this opportunity to get the free iPad App, I thought. All the photos and a card shown here have put some cosmetics by the App, results of my experiment.





Then here is the scarf I made. I bought two nice linen guest towels embroidered navy blue shell. They were on a great bargain! All I did was to put them together by hand sewing. I love navy blue in summer. Maybe you do, too.


I also made the card using the App. Thank you for visiting my blog from all over the world!


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