Sunday, June 10, 2012

Champagne cork dolls wearing beret Tutorial: ベレー帽のシャンパンコルク人形


Little Singers of the Champagne Cork Dolls that I made months ago. After I went to the actual little kids' concert, I wanted to make such cute singers who were wearing red beret. I used acrylic gouache (Liquitex) on the body and a permanent ink pen on the face.
How to make a beret:
  1. Cut two circles from a piece of red felt. The diameter is 2".
  2. Take one of them and cut out a small circle, 3/4" diameter, at the center using scissor.
  3. Put two fabrics together and sew along the outcircle, leaving the seam allowance of 1/4". I hand sewed.
  4. Turn it over from the 3/4" hole. The hole looks small for the head but the felt fabric will stretch out. Rather than too big and loose, keep the hole small.
  5. On the top of the berets, punch a very small hole by ripper or piercing punch.
  6. Make a felt string of 1" length. Fold into a half and pull it a little bit out from the pierced hole. No need to sew. If it's hard to pull out, use a thread with a needle and put it in the folded space and pull the needle first and the string will come out.
  7. Put the beret on the doll head by stretching the hole.


  1. フエルトを直径5センチに2枚切る。
  2. 1枚の中心に直径2センチの円を切り抜く。
  3. 2枚を合わせてまわりを縫う。縫い代は6ミリくらい。手縫いしました。
  4. 穴から表に返します。かぶせる時に穴が伸びるので小さめに。
  5. 目打ちでトップの真ん中に穴を開けます。
  6. 2.5センチ長さの紐をフエルトで作る。半分で折り穴から少し出す。やりにくければ、針に糸を通して紐に絡めて穴から引っ張り出す。縫い止める必要はありません。
  7. くり抜いた穴を拡げながらコルク人形にかぶせる。

My first cork doll. I saw this cork chef at a bakery shop. As he was so cute I asked for selling him but it didn't happen. I took a photo in my brain there, and here I made! The hat is a paper.
My handmade frog wearing beret. He loves wines as I do! I made the wine bottle with flour and water. The wine glass is made with a pin and a piece of pill sheet. I patterned the frog so many times... He is a bit chubby.


Froggy Long Legs wearing green beret!

Frog with beret pin cushion. I filled some wools in the beret and added a heart-shaped appliqué.



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