Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dye fabric with bubble packaging: Tutorial プチプチで手ぬぐいを染める方法

Polka dots! 水玉模様に染まります。


Materials you need

  • Cotton fabric to dye 布 晒し木綿など
  • Bubble packaging プチプチ
  • Old newspaper 古新聞
  • Acrylic gouache (I used Liquitex) アクリル絵の具
  • A sponge brush スポンジブラシ
  • A cardboad tube (a plastic wrap tube will work)。ラップの芯など
How to dye

Put a sheet of bubble packaging on some old newspapers.

Fully paint acrylic gouache on the bubble packaging with a sponge brush. Make sure it is a bit larger than the fabric.


Roll the fabric. Here I found it was difficult to roll down due to a lack of stiffness. Please first roll the fabric onto the cardboard tube so that it goes easily on the sheet.

Slowly pull it out from the bubble packaging and let it dry completely.


Wipe the sheet with a wet old towel. Go into the second color. I chose light blue. Repeat the same process.

Hang it and dry. That's it! I checked Liquitex website. They say that the dyed fabric should be left at least for 72 hours befor any wash.


How about waving patterns? The sponge brush works perfect as it's sharpend edge makes the line sharp as well. Take a look of my experiment above.



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