Sunday, July 1, 2012

女の子用かわいいネックピロー型紙 Girl's Travel Neck Pillow Sewing Pattern Sew Baby F853


ヴィンテージも現代ものも、型紙は増え続けてしまい、100くらいあるかな~。徐々にこのブログで紹介します。作品と型紙は分けて載せていきます。そうすると後でSewing patterns のラベルをクリックすれば型紙だけリストアップできて便利かなと思っています。

これはアメリカのマッコール社傘下の型紙会社、Butterick社のブランドのひとつ、Sew Baby F853。



This is one of my pattern collection and is Butterick's Sew Baby brand F853.

I used rabbit one for my little niece. I love this pattern. It is very easy to make and so cute!

I have probably around 100 patterns now, both vintage and modern.... I will introduce those and the result of my hand making in this blog little by little.

I want to make my blog easier to get what you want so I will separate patterns and the finished hand making in different categories. Clicking Sewing patterns Label may make you easy to reach my pattern collection, for you to know what are commercially available. Please note that I do Not do affiliate business and in my blog, what I write is my own thoughts and my own experience.

My handmade Girl's travel neck pillow used this pattern is here.







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