Friday, July 6, 2012

The Best 'Free' Screwdriver for Sewing Machine ミシンのドライバーはこれに限る The Nuts and Bolts




I have to share this tip with any sewing lovers in the world! This old bobbin screwdriver can be used not only for your sewing machine but your furniture, drawers, and beyond. And it's better than the conventional one.

Recently I had a chance to visit a garment factory and there the professionals were using this. What a great idea! Changing sewing needles requires a screwdriver. Use this free (if you have it) one instead.

Try to look for your mother's or grandmother's sewing box or machine if you don't have a metal bobbin. It works better than the ordinary screwdriver. Don't you get frustrated as the space over the screw is narrow to stand 90 degree as seen in my next photo or the heads of screw and the driver are too small to meet thus it's time consuming when you change the needle?

It's frustrating...
Put a ribbon or string so that it is easy to handle when you use.



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  • サングラスやメガネのドライバーには…
What is it?
It is a tie of plastic bag came along with a loaf. I'm not sure if this is only used in Japan... The strange shape is perfect for small nuts and it's something you throw away. I really like my idea! Hope you like this, too.





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