Monday, July 16, 2012

Embroider Kid's Drawing on Polo Shirt 子どもの絵をワンポイント刺繍 カメさん


I stitched my niece's drawing onto a polo. I am not an expert in embroidery so what I did was just back stitches. Threads are even not proper silk ones but ordinary sewing threads.


I always 'let my soul be my pilot' and try not to set a perfect goal, which usually is not a character of Japanese... I was afraid of giving up a big project. Let me start a small project instead.


Such a cute turtle! My niece drew this for me when she was 5. I couldn't resist making 'one point charm' on her shirt.

どうやって図案にするのか? この時代、何か便利な道具があるはず、と近所の手芸店に。ありました、ありました。図案を写した荒い布の上から直接刺繍して、その後布の縦糸と横糸をズルズル引っ張って抜き取ってしまうんです。こんな便利なものがあるとは、この時まで知りませんでした。

How do I make an embroidery pattern, how to trace it? Anything easier in the market? Well, I went into a shop nearby and explained what I want to do and the one I was recommended was 'waste canvas' which I never had known until then.


I placed the canvas on the drawing and copied by a pen. As the canvas was so coarsely woven, I could see the drawing through it. Then I basted the piece, back stitched and took the canvas threads out.

It seems the waste canvas is sold by 10cm at web shops (at least in Japan). If you are not planning to continue embroideries, that would be better than buying a large amount.



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