Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winnie the Pooh: Piglet 手作りピグレット ハンドメイド (English&Japanese)

I made Piglet, the fourth year in a row of making Winnie the Pooh and his friends, for my niece's birthday gift! I used a vintage MacCall's pattern in 1960s. Piglet seems like the original one in the book of Milne rather than Disney's. I prefer the original ones anyway!


ピグレット 手作り
Finished size is approximately 25cm(10 inch) height to the tip of the ears and 27cm(11 inch) width to hands. It's quite smaller than Pooh as expected!

It was very easy to make. I didn't use the suggested fabric but instead used micro fiber, slightly pinky one for the body, thinking that would fit into Pigret, a little pig. Others I had seen at shops were bright pink which might be similar to the one by Disney but I don't like strong colors for staffed animals for kids.

The back head has two darts. The rompers have a dart in front and 4 tacks in the back.


I also altered the following:

- cotton velvet fabric for the inside of ears instead of the same material;

- cotton knit fabric for the rompers;

- instead of making fringes on the scarf, I cut 2 fabrics and sewed around them to turn out as my material was not suitable to make the fringe.

This Piglet doesn't have the eyebrows as seen in the original book of Milne. Disney changed the face with eyebrows. I guess they added to raise the eyebrows to show face expressions in the animation!


Hope you like my Piglet! I will sew Kanga and Roo next year. Then I will finish al of five, or six if Roo is counted separately, in the vintage McCall's 8087 envelope! In the mean time, please take a look of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore I made.

来年はカンガとルーを作ります! それで型紙全部が終了! 今まで作ったプーさんティガーイーヨーも見てくださいね。

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