Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shoe Shine Rose 薔薇の靴磨き布 作り方 Repurpose Fabric Scrap Tutorial

Knit fabric scrap or old T shirt and old pantyhose became a rose in 10 min! You can use it to take some dust away from your shoes or even wipe your PC screen. Enjoy upcycling!


fabric rose

1) Cut your old pantyhose about 1/2 inch wide like a rubber band. I used five.


2) Prepare strings of knit or T-shirt not wider than 1 inch.


3) Place pantyhose on a small bowl. Please make sure that the number of strings is odd so you need to put together 2 strings into one among all. Tape them using Scotch tape on the outside of the bowl so that they don't move when weaving.


4) Weave a knit fabric string into the web.


リサイクル 手芸

5) Cut the pantyhose bands and tie together at back.


Voila! Enjoy DIY!



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