Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vintage Wrap Dress I Sewed ラップドレス手作り ヴィンテージ型紙で。

I sewed my wrap dress - Two-Way Wrap Dress - using Vintage McCall's 8846 pattern published in 1963.

Vintage McCall's 8846

One way is like this, putting the side edge in front.

The other way to wear is to place the side edge on the back like this.

Vintage McCall's 8846

The dress on the floor! As seen, this is just a fabric with 3 armholes! I sewed it in a day.

There is no dart, zipper, or buttons.

The edge and armholes were trimmed with bias tape which I made on my own years ago. When I found this unknown material at Nippori Fabric Town in Tokyo, I thought it would be good to make one of vintage pattern collections. It costed around 300 yen per meter. Does it look like a bath mat? Maybe the fabric was for rugs! Haha!

When I first got a set of bias tape makers years ago, I was so excited to make bias fold tapes and actually made a lot. I thought this fabric should match my yellow bias tape (which also used for my Kimono Bag) and that the reason I bought this fabric. Sometimes I go opposite way of thinking..... First I choose the embellishment and next, the fabric. Believe me that this gives me more free mind to choose designs and materials. Likewise, I choose Bag first to decide what I wear sometimes.

Above is a closer photo of my dress fabric. You can see the loops like a towel. This loops help the dress edge keeping in touch on the body part but you can use any suggested materials on the pattern envelope.

Here is the pattern I used.

Hope you like my dress!


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