Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage Sewing Pattern: McCall's 8846 Karate Suit ヴィンテージ型紙

I made Sushi Chef Costume - Sushi Chef Coat, Long Pants and Snood - for my sister using this vintage pattern printed in 1967. The patterns are for Karate Suit, Snood, Slippers, and Beach Mat, all for beach.


Pattern Review of this Vintage Pattern

- Easy to make but snood section of paper direction was not well written and was hard to understand.

- I used tapes instead of making strings.

- I changed the way of front body wrapping as the it is wrong for Japanese. The wrap should be seen as "Y" or it is for only dead people in coffins for funerals in Japan!

- I made the belt but it didn't look right when I tried so I placed tapes outside as well to tie. That looked a lot better.

- Probably because the pattern is published in 1967, the required fabrics only include 36" and 45" wide materials not mentioning wider ones.

- I think this suit is good for elderly or people who need support as it is easy to wear or to be changed by others. Pants have no zipper but elastic.


The one I made for my sister as "Sushi Chef Suit" using this pattern is here!


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