Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sushi Chef Suit or Karate Suit I Made! 板前寿司職人着 作りました。

My sister went to Sushi School and now she can make Sushi! The ordinary Sushi Chef Costume at store is very boring to me so I did sew her a nicer one!
McCall's 8846

She was asked to make Sushi at my friend's party in front of guests next week. I am hoping this suit adds some lively atmosphere to the party.

I used cotton border fabrics with the vintage McCall's 8846 pattern printed in 1967. Here is the pattern. The pattern is for beach wears named "Karate Suit". You can use this pattern to make a pajama suit or relaxing wears at home. No zippers or button holes.

I altered as follow:

- Instead of using the belt, I added ties outside.

- The way of wrapping is changed into opposite as the original direction was only for dead people in Japan!

- Hand stitched on the hems so that the suit looked soft and feminine.


The snood looks like above photo.



パターンはヴィンテージで、1967年のマッコールのものです。袖やパンツの裾は手まつりです。ミシンだとカッチリしてしまい、空手着そのもの (型紙はKarate Suitとなっています) になってしまうので。着物の裾を上からミシンで始末したのを想像してください。


Hope you like this!


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