Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tsunami Survivors Need T-Shirts to Make Nuno Zori 布ぞうりの材料となる着古しのTシャツを募集!

To English Readers Living in Japan,

Nuno Zori

Beautiful Nuno Zori made by Tsunami Survivors

Used T-shirts are wanted! Send those to Ishinomaki where Tsunami hit on 3.11. Fumbaro Zori Supporters held workshops of Nuno Zori for tsunami survivors who then need to practice to sell Nuno Zori. Your T-shirts will be used for them to skill up and also for the actual items to sell. Should you have any old T-shirts, send them to Ishinomaki at specific time and date - Before Noon (am) on March 1st, not before nor after this time frame, be specific to instruct the time and date when you write the shipping slip.

Fumbaro Higashinihon ふんばろう東日本 (meaning Hang in There, Eastern Japan) runs this project. "Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan (PFEJ)" is a volunteer network based on a new support model formed by Takeo Saijo, Ph.D, to accommodate the unprecedented disaster right after March 11th (2011) massive earthquake hit Japan.

Nuno Zori

■■■As for the suitable material, T-shirts must meet the following conditions.■■■

●T-shirts should be Colored and/or Printed. White T-shirts are currently overstock thus do not send white ones. Light grey and cream are welcomed.

●Size: Only adult size T-shirts, women's XS size is too small for this project and is not accepted but S sizes are welcomed.

●Material: Cotton 100% is preferable but a small portion of synthetic blend is fine. The 100% synthetic materials are very slippery to wear thus please do it send those.

●No T-shirts such as business shirts and polo shirts are NOT acceptable.

●Printed T-shirts are okay as they use parts where prints not appearing.

●They cut T-shirts so some damages such as loosen bottom seam are fine. Damaged ones with lots of holes are not acceptable.

●No stain and no yellowish-turned ones.

●Long-sleeve T-shirts and tank tops are fine.

●Of course new T-shirts are welcomed.

Must be fully washed before sending. If they are kept in drawers, please wash them again as some odors are always developed.

Sending address:





TEL 090-2026-7833 -----Do not call. 電話不可。宅配便に必要なための情報です。

Ms. Hisae Yamashita

Ishinomaki Shakyo Kitakami Shisho - Hamagiku

Kitakami-cho Jusan Hama Aza Yoshihama 266

Ishinomaki City


Zip code: 986-0201

Phone# 090-2026-7833 ----- this number is purely for sending through Takuhaibin (package shipping service) thus do Not call.

You also can buy their Nuno Zori at this shop here.

Japanese site of this information is here. 日本語のインフォメーションサイトです。



  1. It's always good to help and spread the word! I'm going to tell some of my friends in Japan (foreigners) to help out too!

    By the way, I have my own blog which focuses on Asian culture and entertainment such as video games and I wonder if it is possible for you to view it and tell me what you think please:

  2. NyNy,

    Thank you, Arigato! I saw your nice blog. Learning Japanese in U.K.? Wow! Your blog is nicely arranged and very lively. I will visit again!